Senior Business Intelligence Engineer

Job description

As one of the world leaders in the cybersecurity space, OpenVPN is looking for a Senior Business Intelligence Engineer who will take ownership of Business Intelligence to deliver analysis that is timely, accurate and actionable.


  • Connect multiple data sources across the company to our data warehouse and create custom dashboards and reports to visualize the KPIs
  • Prepare and run split tests across our product portfolio as well as use other quantitative analysis methods to drive product and marketing decisions

Job requirements


  • 5+ years of experience working in a BI, data engineering or a similar role
  • Experience writing queries for large horizontally scaled databases (Citus Data, Postgres-XL, TimescaleDB)
  • Experience writing queries for unstructured and JSON structured data within PostgreSQL 11+
  • Experience setting up BI architecture (data pipelines, DWH, dashboards etc.)
  • Proven track record of quantitative data analysis to drive decision-making
  • Experience with MySQL, PgSQL 11+ and other RDS databases
  • Experience with MongoDB or other NoSQL databases
  • Knowledge of scripting languages (Python/Perl 7)
  • Practical experience with A/B testing and conversion optimization
  • Experience working with e-commerce systems
  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or related field


  • Experience with ELK, AWS Redshift, Metabase, Stitch, Power BI, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Salesforce
  • Experience with Pentaho, Jaspersoft or Eclipse Birt
  • Background in data science and machine learning
  • Knowledge of networking and cybersecurity