Senior C++ Engineer

Job description

Job Description

OpenVPN Inc is seeking an experienced C++ Engineer (C++14 and higher) with an interest in developing distributed network virtualization software that runs on top of the Linux networking stack.

The ideal candidate will possess experience in developing both networking and security software. Experience with OpenVPN, OpenSSL, Asio, Suricata, Terraform, and Linux kernel development is a plus.


  • Responsible for the requirement specifications, system specifications, software design, development, testing and maintenance of the backend for current and upcoming OpenVPN products
  • Development and support of a Linux based VPN server application with heavy routing/networking functionality
  • Development of a web-based API (using JSON and REST) for operation and management of OpenVPN systems

Job requirements


  • 5+ years of experience working in the computer networking and/or network-security industry.
  • Strong expertise in C++ programming (C++14 and higher), specifically networking and security applications. Please understand concepts such as RAII and concurrency (i.e. std::memory order).
  • In-depth understanding of network protocols (TCP/IP, sockets, IP routing) and security concepts such as TLS, PKI, encryption, and authentication.
  • Experience with Amazon Web Services, and especially driving AWS via Boto3 Python SDK.
  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or related field or equivalent work experience.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.